How to show Confirm Diaglog from Server End in Siebel ?


Well we got many ways to interact with user from Browser Script or using OpenUI PM/PR files. But what if we are restricted to use any of these and we need this interaction from Server end only.

And yes we have very limited options and that too.. well hidden Vanilla Business Services, although you can find few articles on web posted by good Siebel netizens 🙂 🙂

Business Service: LS Pharma Signature UI Service
Method Name: ShowConfirmDialog


Business Service: LS SubjectVisits Service
Method Name: ShowConfirmationDlg



Lets talk about ways of calling Pharma Business Service:

On Button Click

1.) Create User Property on Business Component

2.) Add a button on Applet and invoke Named Method

Runtime Events

Sorry, you can’t call this BS from Runtime Event. But of course, nobody can stop you from trying..

Business Component Server Script

Nopes you can’t call from any event in BC server script, try it out and let me know..

Business Service

I haven’t tried this but yes we can call from a separate BS.

Applet Server Script

We can call this BS from any event on applet script.


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