Steps to Extract Local Database in Siebel & Common Issues

Encountered many issues while working on Local Database Extract on Unix environment, with this post I want to share all issues and its solution as well.

Steps for DB Extract in Unix Environment:

Step 1. 

Create User -> Employee with required fields(Position & Responsibilities)
Step 2.

Register user in Siebel Remote->Mobile client

Step 3.

Open Command  Prompt and connect to server manager by navigating to Siebel_root/bin/



Step 4.

Run the syntax below for Generate New Database it will trends to create database template file.



Step 5.

Run the below command to DBxtract


Common Issues:-


SBL-GDB-00004: Error in Main function for Generate new db component


  • Go to your \siebsrvr\dbtempl\db42r53 , delete the dbf file.
  • Then perform a gen new db( retain the default)
  • Check if u have the dbf file generated in the above directory
  • And do DB Extract for clients(with client name ).


error sbl-gdb-00004 error in main function SQL Message, HY000: [DataDirect][ODBC lib]


  • Open the .odbc.ini file in siebsrvr/sys location and in the [ODBC] section there will be a first line Junk value like:
  • Delete that and save the .odbc.ini file.
  • Run the Generate New DB extract again,
  • Presto!! It works!! 🙂 🙂


SBL-DBX-00038 No Local Database Template Found


Run the “Generate new db ” job and then try…this will fix your issue.


Unable to find node in database while doing database extract in Siebel


It seems  I’m not registered mobile client in Siebel application. First register mobile client using following method.

Step 1:

Create users in database and give to sse_role privilege to theses users

Step 2:

create new employee from Administration- User as same user id

Step 3:

Administration – Siebel Remote tab–> Mobile Client


User Id Last Name First Name
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