Innovation Pack 2017: Transitioning to Agile Development with Siebel CRM

Recently, Oracle has been published Siebel CRM IP2017 Statement of Direction, and can be found  here

With the new release Oracle is continuing to enhance the Siebel application mobile and industry solutions and also focusing on CX and Cloud integrations. This release is special because there is something for everyone – Developers, Managers, Business Users and Business. This time we will find some real development in all areas and Siebel 2017 will literally support this word – Agile Development 

Its really a good news for Siebel that this release talk about so many other required enhancements apart from Cloud.. I am so happy and so excited for this awesome release. Now, I can say Siebel IP2017 is a complete release. I am not asking you to blindly believe me,  Go through below highlights and write your opinion in below comments section.


Siebel Innovation Pack 2017

Siebel Innovation Pack 2017

What’s New ??

No SRF !!!  Zero Downtime !!! NO SWT !!! WEB TOOLS !!! Siebel Composer !!!

And, many more surprises this time – Siebel Management Console, Siebel Approval Manager, Application Migration Interface, Application Integration,Siebel Upgrade Console, CHEF, Jenkins

Yes Guys, you heard it right. You need not to wait for 4:00 PM compile to see your changes on sever !! 🙂 🙂

There will be no downtime, you can simply Logoff & Login again to see our changes like we use to do for Workflows & Runtime Events etc. Although No Downtime is a bad news for developers as its’ a break for us 😛 😛

Good news for Siebel Admins, there will be no Local Databases and Local XE what introduced last year. I know Local XE became a big pain for Admins and most of the time, no help from Oracle Support as well.



You can find remarkable difference in Installation process in between IP2016 & IP2017. There will be no Web Server Installation as Siebel will come with pre installed Tomcat server.

  • Full Utilization of REST Framework for Installation, Migration  & Upgrade process
  • Siebel will be completely 64 bit application


Comparision between IP16 & IP17 Installation

Siebel Composer (Web Tools + Workspace)

After a long waiting time, Oracle finallly does the magic. Siebel Composer, Workspaces & Web Tools all are reality now.. 🙂 🙂

Workspace works like development sandboxes which will directly connect to Dev server, need to setup in Siebel Tools

  • There will be no Local Database installation except for Remote Users
  • Except Scripting & Workflows, we can develop everything in Web Tools
  • Web Tools & Siebel Tools will co-exist for next few release like HI & OpenUI did earlier.


Siebel Management Console

Yes will get a web based application to configure & manage all about Siebel.  And we can directly configure Gateway & Siebel Servers in this tool without any downtime.

Siebel Management Console

Siebel Approval Manager

I don’t think you ever get reviewed your code by your lead or manager. Well you will loose this independence, as now Siebel will provide separate tool for Approval Management or governance.

  • With this release, Approval management has been a necessity because of Web based tools & independent workspaces.
  • We can integrate this tool with Ticket Management System and start tracking changes.
  • Manager can review developer’s changes & approve or reject it. Then, developer has to rebase & modify his changes. Although it can’t change after deployment.
  • Although we can ignore this feature & opt for auto approval
  • There will be no Object locking, 2 developers can work on same Object on same time. While deploying, we can do conflict resolution.
  • Edit Web layout still not supported by Web Tools but it will be there in read only mode.
  • Web Templates now supporting new format (od) like Angular JS, more cleaner HTML .


Application Migration

From all these years, Siebel Admins are doing manual migrations. SRF + ADM + manual migration of Files like CSS etc.

  • But in IP2017, there will be no SRF so what to migrate ??
  • And on top of that, if I say that will get a tool where I can setup all environments & do migration from there only.
  • For now, file system still needs to migrate manually.


Test Automation

Most of the companies are using 3rd party testing tools like Selenium for their internal testing.

  • But in IP2017, will get built in automation framework for testing.
  • Its a End to end test management tool which is supported by Jenkins plug-in.
  • Record -> Save -> Playback



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Silver Gallo

“Siebel will be completely 64 bit application”

Oh I strongly challenge this assertion. Where did you take it from?